My name is Roberto Marioni. I was born in 1969 and raised in my parents' furnituremaking shop. I have always had a piece of wood in my hands, at first as a toy and later as a professional material, for furniture, frames an carpentry.

I have always had a strong passion and scientifical curiosity for wood.

A strong passion for music as well, particularly baroque, urged me to combine the two activities in the building of my favorite instrument: the harpsichord.

I started in 1995 restoring first, then building ancient keyboard instrument: harpsichords, spinets, chlavichord etc.

The main philosophy is that of Craftmanship: I produce every piece by myself starting from the raw material, chosen with an experiense decades.

The commercial choice is to propose a very good price-to-quality ratio, giving more importance to the musical instrument then to heavy decorations that would raise the price considerably.

I commit the publicity to word spreading and website, not to expensive methods and this allows me to keep prices low, without compromising quality.

Today, january 2012, I have completed 92 instruments, not counting restorations, repairs, setups, etc..

My instruments have been played, for concerts and recordings, by:

Gustav Leonhardt, Andrea Cohen, Alfonso Fedi, Federico Del Sordo, Cesare Picco, I Solisti Veneti, l'orchestra d'archi della Scala, orchestra del Teatro Regio di Parma, Ausermusici, il Rossignolo e Ottaviano Tenerani, Salvatore Accardo e la sua orchestra, etc. etc.